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Welcome to the new blog by The Film Genie, previously just 'Genie', created partly to encourage my film consumption and partly to share my opinions with those who want to hear, chat about, agree with, contradict and demolish them. If all goes well, I'm starting a Masters in Film this October so I thought I'd brush up on my film experience and knowledge, as well as my critical and analytical skills by watching the current (Jan 2011) IMDB Top 250.

Seems like a big challenge, well thanks to a new website I discovered (http://www.listsofbests.com/person/Jon_Hunter) I can keep track easily - I didn't realise I was already on 40% so there's a time-saving bonus straight away. I'll be reviewing each film as I watch it too so look out for the 150 or so reviews arriving, optimistically, by the start of my first term. I'm also working through them chronologically as my current expertise spends way too much time in the Bay/Rodriguez sector, skims through Spielburg, Tarantino and Burton and falls particulary short around Ford/Hitchcock/Eisenstein and most other names relevant to a true understanding of the film industry.

Anyway, Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" (1921) coming soon.....

The Film Genie

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wizzardSS said...

As someone who has committed to a challenge of 500 films, I just wanted to say good luck! I look forward to seeing how some of your opinions compare to mine :)

Also, great idea on the film/movie rating. The Hangover Part II would be the perfect example of hitting opposite ends of the scale in this respect!


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