Hello all,

For those of you who previously followed this blog, it looks like the role of ‘professional film reviewer’ wasn’t on the cards for me as I’ve failed miserably in my quest to write a full review of the IMDB’s top 250. I suppose I can blame the world travelling, the depressing call centre work now I’m back in the UK, the primary school experience I’ve been getting on my days off to start my PGCE studies this September but I’ve really just not been watching as many films as I should. So here’s where the rules change. I’m still going to write reviews on the top 250, but it’ll be at my own pace and will include a much larger assortment of films. On top of that, my reviews will simply consist of my immediate opinions written within a few minutes of the end credit rolling, not the researched essays I’d been writing.

Another reason for my lack of reviews is down to my new hobby – mash up editing. I’ve already uploaded 3 of my ‘movie quote mashups’ to youtube, using clips from movies to provide the lyrics of two Beatles songs and a special diamond jubilee tribute of God Save The Queen. Add on to that a remixed trailer for Dinner For Schmucks and that’s a lot of time editing when the only time I really have available is 30 minutes each night.

So, instead of my IMDB Top 250 Challenge, this is going to more of a blog that truly represents it’s name – The Film Genie’s Universe. I hope you enjoy the new and improved version……

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