Top 250 - Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (1927)

Artistically spectacular yet morally unsettling, 'Sunrise' is a fairytale full of matrimonial hardships and reconciliation.

For the first time since starting this challenge, I was definitely out of my comfort zone with 'Sunrise,' given that I hadn't heard of the film, director or any cast members before the start of opening credits. It does, however, give me the most unbiased and non-preferential perspective from which to write this review. Unfortunately for Murnau, 'Sunrise' holds another first - I wasn't completely bowled over. Don't get me wrong, the use of visual trickery is as beautiful and innovative as anything up to George Lucas' 1977 movie about forces, robots and an asthmatic Batman, but my main issue is that storyline holds very little realism when the plot deals with such sensitive subjects as domestic violence and adultery and is therefore open to all kinds of interpretation.

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